Elevate Food is a personal chef service based in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, servicing the Chicagoland area.  Chef Tony Torres is elevating food for real people.  Elevate Food brings high quality ingredients to your table, while making your life easier and healthier.

Why Hire a Personal Chef?

Do you want to eat better?  Do want time back in your day?  Chef Tony can prepare your meals in your very own home.  Maybe you are too busy to cook, tired of take out food, have dietary restrictions, or you are recuperating.  Let Chef Tony give you time back in your busy life.  On average, using a personal chef service can free up 10 to 12 hours of your time every week.  Chef Tony can handle your menu planning, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging, and kitchen cleanup!  

Planning a small dinner party or brunch?  Chef Tony will create a menu that is restaurant quality.  You can spend time with your guests, rather than cooking in the kitchen.

Looking to be inspired or elevate your current cooking skills?  Looking for a fun group activity?  Chef Tony provides cooking classes in the comfort of your own kitchen.  You will have the flexibility to choose what you will learn to cook.